Task Force on Teacher Preparation and Accountability

The Task force is working to influence the U.S. DOE teacher prep regulations prior to the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act next year.

Concerns over the development of teacher-preparation regulations currently being crafted by the U.S. Department of Education have led to a higher education task force that is ready to release its own guidelines for teacher prep and accountability in Title II of the Higher Education Act. The proposed guidelines include:

1. Teacher preparation accountability measures should be based on research that is valid and reliable.

2. States should evaluate teacher preparation programs using multiple measures.

3. Evaluation models should not be attached to high-stakes consequences (such as effectiveness labels, eligibility for federal/state funding, etc.) until the models have been tested for validity and reliability.

4. States that currently gather assessment data should share available data with teacher preparation programs in their state and use the data to advance their teacher preparation programs.

5. States should evaluate the degree to which a program is responsive to the workforce needs of the communities and state(s) it serves.

6. States should evaluate all providers using the same standards and close programs that are failing.

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