Survive and Thrive During Testing Season

Testing can dramatically change a student's disposition. It can make them nervous, anxious, and even downright scared. Testing and stress is a bad combination for learning...


Researchers have found that the high stakes method of teaching and testing are not compatible with how students' brains are wired to learn -- a situation that can cause undue stress. But a professor in the Marian University School of Education,  offers suggestions to help students thrive during testing season. Find out how you can creating a testing environment that focuses on creativity, problem-solving and allows students to discard their fears before the test begins. Explore the suggestions

Testing vs. Stressing 

To formulate our response to these discoveries, here are some of the questions that we should be asking ourselves during testing season:

  • Have we created meaningful associations in our testing environment?
  • If a child or adolescent does not perform well on a test, why not?
  • Do we know and understand where the errors were?
  • Was there anxiety in simply taking the test that immobilized the parts of the brain that think, problem solve and discern with logic and fluidity?
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