Survey Parent Feedback to Improve Education

Parent involvement in schools helps students earn higher grades, boost test scores, improve social skills, and even increases graduation rates at school. Have you wondered what's keeping your parents from getting involved and what you need to do to get them engaged?  

The Harvard Graduate School of Education has developed and field-tested a 71-question survey that schools and parent groups can use via the SurveyMonkey website to solicit parents’ feedback about their children’s educational experience. The tool can be used by school districts and parent-teacher organizations to measure the quality of parent-school relationships. 

Harvard's goal was to group the questions into discrete scales so that the survey would offer flexibility to users interested in a particular subject area. The seven constructs measured by the scales are:

Parental support: How much help are students getting at home?

• Child behaviors: What habits have students developed that shape their success?

• Parent engagement: How engaged are parents in their child's schooling, and what potential barriers exist?

• Parent self-efficacy: How confident are parents in supporting their child's schooling?

• School climate: How do parents view their school regarding academic and social standards?

• School program fit: How well do a school's academic program, social climate, and organizational structure meet a student's needs?

• Parent roles and responsibilities: How do parents view their roles, as well as teachers' roles, in different aspects of their child's education?

The surveys will be useful in helping educators get a baseline measure of how parents perceive the school climate, determining what kind of learning-related behaviors students are engaged in at home, and identifying where the strengths and weaknesses are in a school's relationship with parents. 

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