Supreme Court Rules Against State Workers

FEA disappointed in Supreme Court ruling upholding 3 percent retirement income tax on public employees


TALLAHASSEE – FEA President Andy Ford said he was disappointed in the Florida Supreme Court ruling Thursday that upheld the 3-percent retirement income tax levied on public employees in the state. The justices overturned a circuit court ruling that said the Florida Legislature overstepped its authority by ignoring the Florida Constitution taking 3 percent from the paychecks of Florida’s teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, nurses and other public employees.


Legislative leaders and Gov. Rick Scott called the tax a “contribution” to the Florida Retirement System, but the money has been used to balance the state budget this year and last year.

“This is disappointing news for those who work to make Florida a better place,” Ford said. “Balancing the state budget on the backs of middle-class working families is the wrong approach for legislative leaders and the governor to take. We’re disappointed that the state’s highest court said this approach was legal.

“I believe our arguments were correct, even if the justices didn’t agree. We still believe that a promise is a promise,” Ford said. “We are more determined than ever to change the face of the Florida Legislature. The next elections in 2014 can turn this decision around.”

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