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Membership Year and Benefits Coverage

The Membership Year runs from September 1st through August 31st of the Academic Year! All benefits start on the either September 1st or any day after when application is received and processed with payment and will end on August 31st of each year.

Student members are eligible for NEA's Jack Kinnaman Scholarship or leadership training that helps members can gain skills in communication, time management, group management, organizing, and publishing.

National Education Association SOAR and CLASS Grant Applications for Chapters:


Focusing on the core value of the NEA, CLASS Grants focus on Community Outreach projects that chapters want to do in their community. From cleaning up a school, collecting/donating school supplies, doing a food drive, etc. Your chapter can apply for up to $1,000 to fund your local community outreach efforts.

Application deadlines:     First semester – August 31  |  Second semester – November 30


SOAR Grant

The SOAR Grant is to help chapters with membership recruitment so that the chapters may increase their membership and get their members more actively involved. Each chapter has the opportunity to receive up-to $2,000 for each SOAR Grant.

Application Deadlines:     First Semester – August 31  |  Second Semester – November 30


NEA-SP Grant Handbook


Legal Services:

NEA provides $1 million in professional liability coverage and offers other legal services such as will writing, consulting, etc. This coverage, provided by our Educators Employment Liability Program, protects you every time you step into a classroom!


Tomorrow’s Teachers Magazine

NEA’s annual magazine for NEA student members. It offers a wealth of resources to those new to the teaching profession. Each issue offers help with job searches, provides classroom tips for surviving the first year in the classroom, recommends strategies for parental and community outreach, and much more.


NEA Today

Each day, neatoday brings you the latest take on what’s happening in the world of education news. Learn more about National Education Association activism on key issues facing our 3 million members and read what those members have to say about the current events that affect them. Also, check out features about NEA educators in the news and our tips for the must read stories of the day. Click here for the electronic version of the magazine.



Published five times per year in newsletter format. It highlights trends, legislation, resource material, and local, state, and national news in post-secondary education.


Thought and Action

This well-respected, peer-reviewed journal provides both theoretical and practical information on issues in higher education. Published annually, it has a readership of more than 150,000.


NEA E-Newsletters

Sign up for NEA E-Newsletters for the following Newsletters:

  • NEA Today Express
  • ESEA/NCLB Newsletter
  • NEA Marketplace and NEA Announce
  • Works4Me
  • Education Votes
  • NEA Higher Educaton eAdvocate
National Awards:

NEA Student Program Awards

The NEA each year recognizes the excellence of our Student Program projects during the annual Student Leadership Conference.

Discount Benefits:

NEA Member Benefits:

  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • NEA Autobuying Program
  • 3 Free magazine subscriptions a year
  • Car Rental
  • Classroom Resources - smilemakers.com
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Online shopping 10-50% off
FEA Member Benefits:
  • Hotel Discounts 10-25%
  • Local Restaurants
  • Movie Tickets
  • Online shopping
  • Automotive needs

NEA Rebate Form:

This form is for only 1st year teachers as you join the NEA!

  • You Get $20 in rebate for every year you are a student member
  • Must be turned in by May 1st of your first year of teaching. 
  • Must sign contract to join your local union

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