Retirees Enjoy New NEA Member Benefits Website

Better navigation tools now streamline your experience by grouping articles, products, and calculators by topic. It's now easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for.


The Site also offers access to information covering five main subjects:


  • Planning for Retirement
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Getting Ready to Retire
  • Estate Planning
  • Beginning Your Retirement


You can access pull-down lists and clickable links on all aspects of the site. For example, clicking on “Planning for Retirement” takes you to a brief overview of retirement planning issues and some quick questions you’ll want to answer as you begin the process. From there, links take you to pages dedicated to:


  • Developing a Plan for Retirement
  • Retirement Checklist
  • How much income will you need during retirement?
  • When can you retire?


Additional links on the home page can take you to the NEA-Retired home page and the Healthy Wealthy & Wise online consumer guide. Links are also provided for all the available NEA Member Benefits retirement programs. Each page includes “contact us” information so you can always be directed to the right source for your questions.

To see the new website go to:, click on “Tools and Tips”, and select “Retirement Planning” from the pull down menu. Discover all the new helpful tools for your retirement planning.


Remember, your NEA Valuebuilder retirement counselor is always available to help with your retirement planning needs and questions. Call 1-800-NEA-VALU to speak with a retirement specialist in your area today.

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