FEA Retired E-Advocate, Spring 2019

January 30, 2019

I am grateful and honored to have been elected as your FEA-Retired President.  I had no choice, but to “hit the ground” running on October 12, 2018.  What a thrill!

I’ve been a Union member since I began my teaching career in 1978 as a Building Rep, Committee Chair, Lobbyist, Delegate to the NEA RA, Board of Directors member, Local Officer, State Committee member, NEA Caucus member and now as FEA-R President.

There is so much to do, so let’s get to it.  We just had our Leadership Training and Executive Board Meeting in Orlando.  We were very fortunate to have as presenters, NEA-Retired President, Sarah Borgman, FEA Public Policy Advocacy, Lynda Russell, FEA Organizational Specialist, Charley McClaren and our very own FEA President, Fedrick Ingram and FEA Vice President, Andrew Spar.  FEA Leadership is including us, the retirees fully.  They spoke on how we will fit in.  They plan to help us grow our membership and how we can become more politically involved by doing one thing a week like contacting our representative and something else the next week.  Several of our members are already politically involved.  Thank you!!  However, this is going to take “ALL” of us.  We have a pro-voucher/pro-charter school governor.  We have work to do.

We have elections coming up for the NEA RA in Houston and the FEA DA in Orlando next October, so remember to get your nomination forms in on time.  They need to be postmarked no later than Saturday, February 16th.

Along with FEA Leadership and AFT Leadership, FEA-Retired will tap into the awesomeness of the more than 30,000 retired teachers from New York who now reside in Florida.

  ~Janice Poirier, FEA-Retired President

From our NEA-Retired President:

February is the month of love and I trust you’re feeling some of it.  A love that has not left me over a life time is education. In my case teaching; for some of you, another category.  Yes, I lined up my dolls and had school at a very young age.  I remember actually making spelling tests, some with errors so I could grade papers!  Little did I know how THAT would play out. There’s something about knowing you might be making a difference as you teach for the future.  There’s something about planning and seeing those plans come to life, something about creating and knowing it’s good to see new things develop; and there’s something about just making a difference.  THAT’s what supporting education (and in particular our early career educators) is still all about even though we’re no longer in the buildings…knowing that as a Retired NEA Member, I can still offer support, a strong voice, and assistance for my colleagues.  You see, my grandson is one of the brightest and best who teaches in a middle school.  I want him and his colleagues to have all the help they might need.  I love public education…my love affair for a lifetime.  Are you still in love with public education, too?

~Sarah Borgman, NEA-Retired President

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