President's Message

President’s Message

It’s been interesting to say the least. 

To begin with, we were disappointed with the election of a governor.  We won’t give up though.

I hope we all are in this together and doing our part since it will take ALL of  us. The new Governor-Elect is appointing a Commissioner of Education who knows absolutely nothing about our public schools and has proven, he is against public school education. He is a crusader for charter schools and privatizing public education.

FEA President sent out information for us to use and I forwarded it to you. Thank you to those of you who did contact Governor-Elect DeSantis, used social media and wrote letters to the editor. If you chose one thing to do, that is perfectly fine; keeping in mind that it will take ALL of us.

On the bright side, the holiday season is here. I hope you make it extra special by enjoying family and friends.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me anytime.

Janice Poirier, Ed.S   FEA-Retired President

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