Pell Grants and College Readiness

A guaranteed Pell Grant leads to college readiness.....

A recent study finds that low-income eighth-grade students who are promised Pell Grants could have higher college retention rates than their peers who were not offered guaranteed grants.  Research shows that students who receive such pledges begin preparing for college, leading to later success. Students whose families make below a certain income threshold are automatically eligible to receive a Pell Grant, and those students make up almost half of all Pell Grant recipients nationwide.

The researchers estimated that the guaranteed program would increase high school completion rates by about 10 percent, and that college retention and completion rates would increase by another 3 percent. Based on increased tax receipts for higher earners who have completed college, the researchers estimated that the benefits would outweigh the costs.

View the study: Accelerating College Knowledge: Examining the Feasibility of a Targeted Early Commitment Pell Grant Program

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