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At a time where we need solutions to the very real problems teachers, staff and students face, Senate Bill 78 would instead try to solve problems that do not exist by adding additional regulations and bureaucracy and attacking your ability to be a member of your union. 

SB 78 passed its first two committee stops on a party line vote and was scheduled for its third and final committee stop Thursday, Feb. 18 in Senate Rules Committee. However, the bill was not heard in committee on the 18th.

This is a sign your pressure is working. So, even if you have already taken action, please once again take the time to make your voice heard!

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If you’re not sure what to say, you can find talking points on SB 78 below.

Talking Points:

  • Our frontline workers, including educators, have been keeping Florida running during the pandemic. It is never appropriate to make life harder for these workers.
  • This bill is a big government bill which limits the individual freedoms of many frontline workers, including educators. Why should workers be required to jump through more hoops? Joining an employee organization is a personal decision. Our frontline workers do not need more regulations and big government overseeing their personal decisions.
  • No one has asked for this bill – and it is not needed. Current law protects employees’ rights and allows them to join or terminate their membership at any time. All this bill will do, is make it harder for individuals to exercise their constitutional right to join their union/employee (professional) organization.
  • SB 78 is unnecessary. Florida is a right to work state. Workers NEVER have to join their union. It is their choice whether and when to join. And can cancel their membership at any time for any reason.
  • SB 78 is the product of wealthy out-of-state special interests funded by Betsy DeVos’ Mackinac Center. The bill does not address any problems in Florida and does nothing to improve the situation for our public sector employees.

What the bill does:

  • The bill places an undue burden on the employer as well as the employee. Once the employer receives a signed dues authorization, the employer must “confirm with the employee, electronically or by other means, that he or she authorized the deduction of dues and uniform assessments.” This puts the employer in charge of the dues authorization process for the first time in history.
  • SB 78 places a burden on workers who want to remain a member of their union. By forcing workers to reauthorize every time a new contract is signed, a member would have to submit a re-authorization form to remain a member when they have no intention of leaving the union.

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