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It’s important we keep speaking up to ensure a pay plan will work for ALL Florida’s educators and to fight to ensure ALL Florida’s students attend a fully-funded and fully-staffed school.

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Talking Points

Teacher and education staff shortages didn’t happen overnight, and we will not get out of it overnight. To ensure our schools are fully staffed, any salary plan must be long-term, include all school employees, respect local control, and provide raises for veteran teachers.


  • In 2006-07 Florida averaged 26th in the nation in teacher pay. Since then we have dropped to 46th  in the nation.
  • While it is unquestionably great progress to see the Legislature talking about investing over one-half billion dollars directly into educator salaries, it will take a sustained commitment over the next few years to make up for over a decade of underfunding. 

Include All School Employees

  • Some plans currently in circulation account for “classroom teachers,” but there are many additional personnel who are vital to the success of Florida’s students. Whether it is instructional personnel such as counselors, media specialists, and paraprofessionals or non-instructional personnel such as clerical, maintenance, and bus drivers, all Florida’s educators are deserving of a significant investment in their salary. 

Restore Local Control

  • A large part of the reason teachers’ pay has been stagnant are legislative restrictions regarding salary increases. Lawmakers need to repeal regulations that mandate how salary increases must be provided.

Veteran Teachers

  • Students and entire schools benefit from having veteran teachers, but too many teachers cannot afford to live in the community where they teach. A pay plan that respects veteran teachers is an investment in Florida’s students.

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