SB 1014/HB 835

What the Bill Does

Senate Bill 1014/House Bill 835 contains numerous provisions that take away educators’ freedom including requiring:

  • The elimination of dues deductions for education unions ;
  • Higher education unions to have 50% membership density or risk decertification;
  • All instructional and support staff locals to be above 50% on December 31st of each year;
  • All members to rejoin the union on August 1, 2021 and re-sign every 2 years;
  • All members to sign a notice with the district that they know they do not have to join the union;
  • School districts to verify that the member actually signed up for the union;
  • PERC investigate and verify information provided by the union regarding membership numbers;
  • FLDOE create rules for districts to follow as they verify membership and intent of members to join the union; and,
  • Unions include a specific disclaimer, in 14-point, bold font, basically saying Florida is right to work and you don’t have to join.
  • These provisions only apply to education unions. Police, firefighters and other public employee unions are exempt.

  • Educators currently have the right to have payments for many items such as health insurance, life insurance, gym membership, union dues and much more deducted directly from their paychecks. In some counties, there are more than 500 options educators have for payroll deductions and this bill attacks just one of them–the right to pay union dues in the manner of the educator’s choosing.
  • A non-partisan analysis of HB 835 shows the bill will cost taxpayers almost $400,000 because additional staff will need to be hired to deal with increased paperwork and workload at the Public Employees Relations Commission.

What’s Next

SB 1014

The bill’s next committee stop is in the Rules Committee at 8:30am on Tuesday April 20 

HB 835

Its next stop is in the State Affairs Committee  at 9am on Thursday April 15.

Vote History

SB 1014

3/17/21 Senate Government Oversight and Accountability Committee: 3-2 party line vote

HB 835

3/8/2021- House Government Operations Committee: 12-6 party line vote

4/1/21- House State Administration and Technology Appropriations Subcommittee 9-5 vote (Rep. Sam Killebrew R-Winter Haven) broke with the Republicans and joined all the Democrats to vote no.

4/15/21-House State Affairs Committee 15-8 party-line vote.

Our Position

We oppose this bill.

Talking Points

  • Educators have gone above and beyond to ensure their students’ needs are met this year. It is shameful that in return for their dedication they are facing divisive attacks from lawmakers.
  • SB 1014 limits your freedom to join with your fellow educators to advocate for your working conditions and for the needs of your students.
  • It’s time for legislators to listen to educators and give them the support they need instead of continuing to offer solutions to problems that simply don’t exist. 
  • This bill singles out K-12 teachers and higher education faculty and takes away rights from them that every other public worker maintains.
  • A non-partisan analysis of HB 835 shows the bill will cost taxpayers almost $400,000 because additional staff will need to be hired to deal with increased paperwork and workload at the Public Employees Relations Commission.

What the bill does

SB 1014 /HB 835 does not add or strengthen any rights. Instead it seeks to impose government interference in your currently existing right to join a union.

Specifically, it requires the following: 

  • Your local union to include “Right to Work” propaganda on membership. applications in bold face, 14-point font
  • Members must rejoin their union every year creating unnecessary paperwork and potential breaks in your membership even when you want to remain a member.
  • Any higher education union must be over 50% or automatically decertified.  This is currently in place for K-12 instructional units and only applies to education unions – no other unions.
  • Your local union to turn over members’ names and information to the Public Employee Relations Commission if requested.  Some members currently pay cash in order to avoid their administrator or others from knowing they are a member; this bill could remove the option to keep union membership anonymous.

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