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HB 929 – Student Assessments

Talking Points

  • Florida has given parents choice in almost every aspect of their child’s education. In fact, parents can already choose to opt out of the state testing system simply by enrolling in one of the state’s six voucher programs. Parents who choose to keep their students in public schools should also be given an easy, hassle-free way to opt out of testing.
  • Florida’s obsession with standardized testing is a financial drain on the state. Hundreds of millions of dollars can be saved by eliminating tests for all students except those whose parents choose for their child to be tested.
  • Teachers, especially those who teach in schools with high levels of poverty are forced to stick to scripted lessons due to the pressure of high-stakes testing. We need to provide teachers with the freedom to teach their students not simply to prepare them for the next standardized test.

Updated Information

House Bill 929, sponsored by Shevrin Jones requires written parental consent for students to participate in the statewide assessment program. In other words, parents can opt their child out of the state assessment program by withholding their consent to participate. There can be no penalties for the student if they are opted out; graduation requirements can be met by concordant scores already established.

What’s Next

House Bill 929 has been referred to three House Committees, PreK-12 Innovation Subcommittee, PreK-12 Appropriations Subcommittee, Education Committee.

Currently there is no companion bill in the Senate.

Vote History


Our Position

We support this bill.

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