NEA Medicare Supplement

Membership in NEA is giving you an exclusive opportunity to save money on your Medicare supplement coverage and at the same time receive special heath care at no additional cost.


     This program underwritten by NEA Member Insurance Trust, offers NEA members and their spouses or domestic partners age 65 and older a Medicare supplement, option A - L, at lower prices, on an average, than most popular plans. If you chose plans C - L, you receive extra discounts at no additional cost for dental, vision, chiropractic, hearing care, prescription drugs and vitamins.


     As long as you are 65 and older covered by Medicare Part A and B and an active or retired NEA member in good standing, you cannot be turned down for any plan option for health reasons. There is no physical exam or health questions. You also may choose your own doctor or hospital.


     If you already have a Medicare supplement, you can switch to the NEA plan without losing a day of coverage. This coverage will also include any pre-existing conditions you are replacing in your existing plan.


     Maybe this sounds to good to be true. Just call 1-800-637-4636 and they will fill you in on all the great things this NEA Insurance Trust offers you. The office is open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM ET or Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. You may also gain information on the NEA web site at


     FEA Retired has many members who are pleased with their NEA Members Insurance Trust plan! 

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