NEA Foundation Grant Winners 2009


Student Achievement Grants:
Winter 2009 Recipients

Ms. Shannon Peck-Janssen, Tampa
9th to 12th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Freedom High School
Partner: Ms. Margaret Barthel
Grant Amount: $5,000

Students in Mrs. Peck-Janssen’s archaeology classes and Dr. Barthel’s Environmental Science classes will conduct a garbology research project to analyze the recycling behaviors of high school students in order to increase effective recycling practices and decrease costs associated with product waste. The students will then develop a comprehensive recycling program for the school using the data collected from the project and present their results at a conference.

Ms. Elizabeth Ouimette, Tampa
Kindergarten Teacher, Essrig Elementary School
Partner: Ms. Debra Gotting
Grant Amount: $5,000

In order to increase students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, Ms. Ouimette and Ms. Gotting will create a parent resource room. The resource room will provide parents with educational games and materials for use in small group student tutoring sessions during school hours. By initiating the program, Ms. Ouimette and her colleagues wish to increase parent and community involvement to help decrease the educational gap for English Language Learners and economically disadvantage students.


Learning & Leadership Grants:

Winter 2009 Recipients

Mr. Joshua Calderon, Orlando
3rd Grade Teacher, Rolling Hills Elementary School
Partner: Ms. Karrie Waller
Grant Amount: $5,000

Staff at Rolling Hills Elementary School will take part in technology-driven professional development as a means to enhance traditional lessons. The year-long, bimonthly trainings will help technology reluctant teachers feel at ease incorporating multimedia software into lessons.

Mr. Thomas Gammon, Miami
Kindergarten to 12th Grade Teacher Coordinator, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Partner: Mr. Gustavo Rivera
Grant Amount: $5,000

To address the influx of English language learners in Miami-Dade County, teachers will implement the professional development program “English Language Learners: Culture, Equity & Language.” Teachers trained in the module will deliver the course to colleagues to help them engage and motivate the English language learners in their classrooms.

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