National Voter Registration Day

Today (Tuesday, September 25th) marks the first annual National Voter Registration Day

Please take three easy steps to make sure you are a V.I.P. and ready to vote in the Novwember election.

Verify: Make sure you are correctly registered to vote at your current address.
Identification: Check the voter ID laws in Florida to see the changes required by the new law.
Polling Place: Know where your polling place is and how you’ll get there on Election Day.

Your opportunity to register will end in exactly two weeks from today.

Tuesday, October 9th, is the last day for Floridians to register to vote in the November 6th General Election.

If you know of someone who has not registered to vote, please encourage them to register, NOW. This is an incredibly important election that will decide the fate of hard working middle class families. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to cast a ballot.
If you have any questions about specific voting laws in Florida, concerns about incorrect information being circulated to keep people from voting, or problems at the polls, please visit or call 1-866-Our-Vote.

The AFL-CIO makes voting easy with TurboVote. You can even receive text and email reminders so you don't miss elections. So what are you waiting for? Check out TurboVote, NOW.

Don't forget you can request an absentee/mailin ballot. Click here to request one.

Below are a few answers to questions we have received about the new law and voter registration.

1.       Can we deliver voter registration applications to those individuals either via mail or in person by a  building rep/steward or other staff
Answer:  Yes.

2.       If it is permissible to deliver the applications it is my understanding we cannot collect and return the cards to the SOE?
Answer:  In order to be able to collect and return signed voter registration cards, you must first register as a third-party voter registration organization [see, Section 97.0575, Florida Statutes] and abide by the requirements of that section of law.

3.       Is it permissible to email, phone or contact in person the member asking them if they have filled out the application and/or returned the application?
Answer:  We are not aware of any restriction against making a follow-up contact with a person to whom a voter registration application has been provided.

4.       If it is permissible to give the member the application, can FEA also give them a stamped envelope addressed to their Supervisor of Elections?
Answer:  We are not aware of any restriction against providing a stamped envelope addressed to the Supervisor of Elections in which a voter registration application may be returned.  Care must be used to ensure that the address is correct.  If an incorrect address is provided, there could be legal consequences. 
5.       Is it permissible to give a third party voter registration entity the contact information of those members indicating they would like to register to vote?
Answer:  It is permissible to provide to a registered third-party registration organization the contact information for persons who have indicated that they would like assistance in registering to vote

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