League of Women Voters Say Vote NO on All Amendments

FEA joins the League of Women Voters in warning voters about the misleading amendments on the 2012 election ballot.

This November, Florida voters will consider 11 of the most complex, confusing and misleading constitutional amendments ever proposed in Florida.
The League of Women Voters Florida does not believe that any of the amendments belong in the Florida Constitution and is recommending that voters just say NO to all of them.
FEA believes that a number of the amendments proposed this year are more than misleading.  They are intentionally deceptive and particularly bad for public education.

Commonly referred to as TABOR, this amendment was created by out of state special interests and has been promoted around the country.  it is designed to force deep cuts to schools, healthcare, public safety and senior services.  Colorado passed a similar amendment in 1992 with devastating consequences.  Voters overturned it several years later.
Amendment 5 - STATE COURTS  

This amendment was written by the Florida Legislature to give themselves more power over Florida's courts.  Amendment 5 threatens the long standing system of checks and balances between the legislature and the judiciary and weakens the court’s ability to enforce constitutional provisions that politicians in the Legislature don't want to follow.

Amendment 8, the so-called “Religious Freedom” Amendment, isn’t about Religious Freedom at all.  It is about providing taxpayer funding for religion.  Amendment 8 will allow the government to give our tax dollars to any group claiming to be a religious organization.   Worse, any religious group or sect would be able to use our money to fund their own religious schools. It includes no oversight to safeguard the tax dollars our government will be “giving away.”

For more information on the pros and cons of ALL of the proposed amendments, view the League’s non- partisan guide and download the league's voter guide at: www.thefloridavoter.org
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