Kids Bullying Kids

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Subjects: Health, Math


Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8


Students will:

  • share their experiences with bullying in an anonymous survey, and
  • determine percentages based on the results of the survey.

bullying, survey, percentages

Materials Needed

  • Bullying Survey 
  • printed and distributed to each student
  • pencils or pens


  1. Explain to students that you want to learn more about kids who bully other kids, and ask them to complete the survey without signing their names.
  2. After you have had a chance to read the surveys, invite students to guess the results.
  3. Read some samples from the students' responses.
  4. Ask a volunteer to help tally the survey results on the chalkboard; then ask students to add the responses to each question. Help students determine the fractions or percentages for each answer.
  5. Discuss the survey results, and brainstorm with students about what they can do to reduce bullying at school.

Students will be evaluated based on their participation in the class discussion.


Copyright © 2004,, used by permission via NEA

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