Join the National Day of Action To Defend Education

On March 4, rally for public education. Whether you are faculty, staff, student or parent, you know how important public education is. Whether you are K-12, community college, or university, we are all in this together.


Participate in rallies, walkouts, teach-ins, leafleting, hearings and visits to state legislators. The message: Cutting back on education in a time of recession is unconscionable, regressive and detrimental to states' ability to re-grow their economies.


The Web site counts more than 100 events planned for March 4 in 32 states.


The Day of Action to Defend Education is a grass-roots event in which students, faculty, and others are uniting around the country to speak and act. The Day of Action was originally conceived in California as a response to the current crisis in higher education in that state, but it has since grown to encompass students and others at educational institutions at all levels in all parts of the country


For more details on the March 4 student movement, go to or on Facebook.

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