PBCCTA Labor Relations Consultant

Job Title: PBCCTA Labor Relations Consultant

Classification: Professional A – PBSO - UAW 2278

Supervisor: Executive Director

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Deadline: 10/18/2020


The identified candidate should have experience in identifying, recruiting, and developing worksite leaders. The candidate will be required to assist worksite leaders in the organization and development of CTA worksite EBC committees, substitute lists, and other contractual obligations. They will need to develop and carry-out worksite campaigns for specific issues, including contract, internal organizing, legislative, political, and others as required.  The candidate must be able to assist faculty representatives in creating and maintaining communication systems, bulletin boards, meetings, newsletters, e-mails, phone trees, and others as needed. In addition, the candidate will need to develop and monitor worksite leaders in their representational duties, grievance meetings with their principals, as well as process complaints, grievances, and hearings within prescribed timelines. The candidate must be up-to-date and knowledgeable on all contracts, statues, policies, and other requirements pertinent to the functions of this position. The candidate will head membership recruitment activities at worksites, identify new teacher members via school visits and other methods.


The candidate should possess a college degree and advanced degrees are preferred.  The candidate should have 3-5 years of experience as a leader or staff and have experience in one or more of the following areas: member/advocacy support, organizing/membership support, professional development, organizational development, leadership/staff development, and collective bargaining.  The candidate must be able to demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills as well as interpersonal skills.  Background in labor organizations or non-profit associations a plus.


Salary and benefits are based on the negotiated agreement with Palm Beach County CTA and Palm Beach Staff Organization-UAW.

To Apply

Interested applicants are to e-mail a statement of interest, an updated resume demonstrating experience related to the above stated qualifications and responsibilities and a minimum of three references (no applicant will be considered without required references).

Send resumes and references to Theo Harris: Executive Director at theo.harris@floridaea.org

Application Deadline

Statement of Interest, resume and references must be received by 5:00 P.M. on October 18, 2020 to be considered.