Chief of Staff

Job Title: Chief of Staff

Classification: Executive

Supervisor: FEA President

Location: Tallahassee, Florida (extensive travel is required)

Deadline: 11/12/2021

The Florida Education Association (FEA) is the largest association of professional employees and the largest labor union in the Southeast, representing more than 150,000 members. FEA members include teachers, education staff professionals, higher education faculty and graduate assistants, retirees, education students, and early career educators. FEA represents the professional and working interests of its members and plays a prominent role in shaping state policies that affect public schools. FEA is a merged state association affiliated with both the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Position Summary

The Chief of Staff position requires a dynamic senior-level executive who intrinsically believes in the labor movement and naturally embodies FEA’s core values of integrity, respect, empowerment, and advocacy. The Chief of Staff is responsible for optimizing operational efficiencies across FEA’s eight departments to implement and achieve the Executive Officers’ vision and goals. As the leader of FEA’s management team, the Chief of Staff supports and directly manages the Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources, Director of Communications, Director of Information Technology and Membership, Director of Professional Development and Educational Research, Director of Organizing and Field Services, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, and the Director of Legal Services.


  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required.
  • A master’s degree or higher in business administration, labor relations, organizational development, finance, public policy, or a related field is desired.
  • Extensive professional experience working for an education advocacy organization is required, preferably at the state or national level.
  • Extensive experience managing other professionals is required, preferably in a union environment.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and excellent organizational skills are required.
  • Experience working with boards, councils, committees, or executives is highly desired.
  • Ability to successfully manage high-priority projects with competing deadlines is required.
  • Ability to move an organization-wide agenda forward.
  • Ability to build consensus with diverse leaders and/or stakeholders.
  • Excellent proficiency with technology and software such as the Microsoft Office Suite (Word-Excel-PowerPoint) Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Zoom, and Teams is required.
  • Ability and willingness to travel, including overnight and weekend travel is required.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Work closely with FEA’s Executive Officers to advance FEA’s vision, mission, and goals by identifying opportunities for increased organizational efficiencies.
  2. Support the general operation and administration of FEA by regularly advising and informing the Executive Officers and Executive Cabinet on pertinent matters and serving as the channel of information and leadership between the Executive Officers, Executive Cabinet, and FEA staff.
  3. Lead FEA’s management team in effectively coordinating FEA’s business and daily operations through direct supervision of all department directors.
  4. Manage Executive Office operations, including direct supervision of Executive Assistants.
  5. In consultation with the Executive Officers, create and implement the delivery and promotion of high-quality member programs and services.
  6. Work with FEA’s management team to recommend internal policy and practice initiatives to the Executive Officers and oversee implementation of approved recommendations.
  7. Build and maintain effective working relationships with NEA and AFT leadership and facilitate implementation of available human, fiscal, and programmatic resources.
  8. Continuously assess the allocation of resources to ensure efficient execution of long and short-term goals and initiatives.
  9. Oversee the fiscal management of individual budget areas.
  10. Build and maintain effective working relationships with the Florida Staff Organization (FSO) leadership and facilitate positive labor relations between FEA and FSO.
  11. Oversee the management of human resources in accordance with applicable laws, FEA’s Affirmative Action Plan, and the FEA/FSO collective bargaining agreement.
  12. In consultation with the Executive Officers, recommend to the Executive Cabinet the hiring of managerial staff.
  13. Provide for representation of FEA in collective bargaining with FSO.
  14. Oversee resolving issues that impede staff productivity and member support.
  15. Periodically report to the Executive Officers and Executive Cabinet the ethnic minority and diversity representation of staff, committees, program and policy councils, task forces, and other groups created by FEA.
  16. Oversee the education of FEA staff on the vision, mission, and goals of FEA, and responsibilities to members as owners of FEA.

General Responsibilities

  1. Strong interpersonal skills and diplomatic approach to managing relationships between local affiliates, service units, and staff from individual contributors to senior/executive leadership.
  2. Ability to deal with a geographically diverse organization with autonomous, membership-based operating units.
  3. Support activities that promote membership recruitment, engagement, and growth.
  4. Efficiently utilize technology and software such as the Microsoft Office Suite (Word-Excel-PowerPoint) Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Zoom, and Teams.
  5. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Officers.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary will be based on relevant experience and qualifications. FEA provides medical, dental, vision, life, and long-term-disability insurance to its employees and eligible family members with no monthly employee premiums. Additionally, FEA offers two retirement options, annual leave, sick leave, personal leave, and paid holidays.

To apply

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and response to the attached core qualifications assessment via email to feahr@floridaea.org. Candidates who fail to provide all three required documents will not be considered. Candidates will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The preferred application deadline is November 12, 2021.

Core Qualifications Assessment

Please provide a written response to each of the following core qualifications. Each response should be no more than two pages and should easily identify the situation/challenge, context of the situation/challenge, the actions you took, and the result/achievement.

1. Core Qualification: Ability to move an organization-wide agenda forward.

2. Core Qualification: Ability to successfully manage high-priority projects with competing deadlines.

3. Core Qualification: Ability to build consensus with diverse leaders and/or stakeholders

4. Core Qualification: Ability to effectively lead experienced professionals to achieve organizational goals.


Consistent with the FEA Affirmative Action Plan, minority, female, and physically challenged applicants are encouraged to apply. Please contact FEA’s Office of Human Resources at 850-201-3215 or feahr@floridaea.org to request an accommodation during the application process.