UFF Legislative Toolkit

Call, email and meet with your state representative and senator

It may seem antiquated, but your elected officials hearing from you makes a difference, because their staff has to document how many points of contact they receive for or against any piece of legislation that they will be voting on. So together, we can make a real difference here!

You are a constituent of these legislators, and they need to honor your request to hear your concerns and schedule a time to meet with you in person or virtually. (Read more about these bills below).

Enter your home address below and complete the form to request a meeting with your senator and representative about SB1014/HB 835 and SB78/HB947:

Here are a few more ways to take action:

1. Testify in person or virtually!

If you are willing to to testify — in person, in Tallahassee or remotely —  or offer written testimony, please let UFF (uff@floridaea.org) know ASAP.

2. Write an OpEd for your local paper

FEA’s Write a Letter to the Editor tool has weblinks to many local papers — or you can contact your paper directly. Please share it widely so we can cross-promote your contribution! Make your personal story heard and felt as it relates to the proposed legislation and its impacts on your workplace.

3. Other ways to take action:

Join the Working Families Lobby Corps!

2021 Virtual Working Families Lobby Corps signup — Through the Florida AFL-CIO, members can sign up to help AFL-CIO, one of our affiliated unions, with its advocacy against union-busting and education-hobbling bills. This session’s work will have flexible hours and be ENTIRELY VIRTUAL.

More info on the Virtual Working Families Lobby Corps can be found at http://flaflcio.org/virtual-working-families-lobby-corps.

Make and post a video

Upload a video telling your political representatives to stand with educators and say NO to these bills
(& tag them on social media).

For inspiration:

Host a Zoom phone party or video party to:

  • Make phone calls to legislative offices
  • Write postcards to legislators
  • Tweet to legislators
  • Post video clips of committee meetings
  • Car parades in front of legislators’ at-home offices
  • Send short written letters to legislators
  • Consider taking out an ad in local newspapers targeted towards legislators
  • Create a press release for local newspapers

Learn more about the bills we’re most concerned about

  • HB 835/SB 1014 — affects UFF and education unions – A recent amendment to HB 835 requires faculty/GA unions to report 50% membership to maintain certification, authorizes PERC to investigate union’s claims that it has met 50% threshold, authorizes a college/university to challenge accuracy of the unions’ claims, provides for revocation of certification as an outcome of the investigation.
  • HB 947/SB 78 – affects all unions – An employer may not deduct dues until it confirms with the employee that they want to join the union and employees must reauthorize union membership every time a new contract is negotiated. In committee discussions, Republican members are talking about carving out police/fire unions — a very bad sign that suggests it will pass.

The Week Ahead in the 2021 Legislature

Meetings relating to education are shown below. If interested, you can click on the respective chamber to see the full calendar for this week’s meetings in the House and the Senate. All meetings are streamed live and on The Florida Channel where they are also available for on-demand viewing within 24 hours of the conclusion of the meeting.

Monday, April 26

Tuesday, April 27

Wednesday, April 28

Thursday, April 29

Friday, April 30 (Last day of regular session)

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