Instructional Pacing: How Do Your Lessons Flow?

Pacing a lesson so its nearly seamless takes expertise and practice -- and can be one of the greatest challenges for new teachers.


For those more seasoned out there, here's a scenario many of us can relate to from the early days: way too much time for one learning activity, while not enough for another and clunky transitions in between.

Also on the teacher plate when it comes to instructional decisions that effect pacing? How best to chunk and scaffold content so it's grade-level appropriate and then deciding on the best instructional mode. So let's take a look at the essentials when it comes to pacing the lesson and the learning:

1. Create a Sense of Urgency.

2. Make Goals Clear.

3. Have Smooth Transitions.

4. Be Sure Materials Are Ready.

5. Present Instructions Visually. 

6. Check for Understanding.

7. Choose Most Effective Type of Teaching

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