How Far Can 2 Million Pennies Go?













How Far Can 2 Million Pennies Go?

In jugs, plastic bags, crates and boxes more than 2.6 million pennies have traveled miles across the state with a final destination of Tallahassee.

The pennies were delivered to the state Capitol yesterday (March 18), hauled in by parents, teachers, school support staff, and students. Each penny represents a student attending a public school in Florida.

Isn't your student worth a penny? Isn't every child worth at least a penny? That's the question that they asked.

The pennies call attention to FEA’s proposal for an additional penny sales tax, over a period of three years, with the funds dedicated to public education in the state at all levels, k-12 and higher education.

After displaying the 2.6 million pennies in Kleman Plaza, FEA and PTA leaders and members joined school principals, superintendents and other concerned citizens at a rally at the Capitol building.

Thousands of voices rallied on behalf of students from pre-kindergarten to college graduate,   sending a unified, clear and unambiguous message that Florida needs to fund our public education system and stop the budget cuts that threaten to devastate our schools, colleges and universities. Students and teachers shared stories of how they have been and continue to be hurt by the cuts. All expressed grave concerns over what could happen if legislators ignore their requests.

State Rep. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami; and state Sen. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, sponsors of the Penny Sales Tax bill, were joined by other lawmakers who stressed the importance of the legislature making our schools the priority. But they also urged everyone in the audience to contact their legislators and demand school funding be restored.

The "Invest In Public Education" was held in Waller Park, on the west side of the Capitol.
Following the rally, many participants headed into the Capitol building to meet with their legislators. 


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