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As a convenience to all educators, FEA provides the useful links to valuable information sources, other organizations, and companies. FEA does not endorse these web sites, or the products/services. If you have any questions about content or services provided on these site, please contact the company or organization in question. These organizations and companies are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of all information appearing on their websites, in promotional materials, and in presentations about their products/services.If you'd like to suggest a resource to add to this list, click here to contact us.


American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

 US Department of Education (USDOE)

National Education Association (NEA)

 Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)

Education Resources Information Center ERIC Public Employees Relations Commission
Education Commission of the States

National Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

Lesson plans, worksheets and freebies.


National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Bureau of Education & Research Online Training
Education Week
FEA Advocate           |    e-Advocate
American Teacher     |    NEA Today





















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