Grade Change Controversy Pushes Commissioner Bennett Out

Commissioner Tony Bennett has resigned the top post at the Florida Department of Education following information that, as Indiana's K-12 chief, he boosted the state grade given to a charter school which was also run by one of Bennett's political donors.

FEA President Andy Ford comments on the resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Education Association President Andy Ford remarks on the resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett:

“The resignation of Florida’s latest commissioner of education is another symptom of the mistrust parents, teachers and the public have in the state’s incoherent and unsound school reform and accountability policies. These policies have no value advancing education in this state and have lost the public’s trust. These so-called reforms have tripped up another commissioner of education. As long as it is a political appointment, the office of the education commissioner will be a revolving door, and our students, schools and communities will continue to experience the whiplash of these policies. It’s past time that we include teachers, parents and administrators in developing solutions, not just listen to the “reformers” who have an approach that has been a disaster for public education in Florida.”


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August 1, 2013, Contact: Mark Pudlow 850.201.3223 or 850.508.9756 

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