Governor's Fitness Challenge

Join the Challenge and Win!

Help your school win thousands of dollars' worth of sports or fitness equipment and to receive designation as a Governor’s Fitness Champion School



Encourage your students to join the Governor's Fitness Challenge.

Each year, the Governor’s Fitness Challenge strives to reach as many children as possible with the message that it’s not only healthy but exhilarating to engage in physical activity. This program provides incentive to help schools and families boost physical fitness for Florida's elementary and middle school students.


Teachers and ESPs can participate, too!


This is a semester-long challenge that encourages middle school students to participate in physical activity by focusing on activities that can be completed during or after the school day. Participating schools have the opportunity to win sports/fitness equipment or a visit from a Florida professional, college, or Olympic athlete. Schools will also have the opportunity to receive the designation of being a Governor’s Fitness Champion School, and participating students from winning schools will receive a Governor’s Fitness Challenge T-shirt, certificate and sticker signifying their participation


Below are important Governor’s Fitness Challenge dates for your consideration:


2009-10 Middle School Governor's Fitness Challenge Timeline
November 18, 2009

Registration Begins


December 18, 2009         

Registration Ends 


January 4, 2010   

Pre-testing Begins  


January 20, 2010     

Pre-test Due   


April 15, 2010      

Post-testing Begins  


April 30, 2010    

Post-test Due     


















The Governor’s Fitness Challenge works in conjunction with a school’s existing Physical Education or after-school programs, and allows students to participate from home.


Schools agree to designate two 45-minute sessions per week OR three 30-minute sessions per week for the duration of the Governor’s Fitness Challenge for students to work on the fitness activities or a selection of modified fitness activities.



The main activities and exercises can be modified to accommodate students with special needs. Homeschool students and students who attend a school that does not participate in the Governor’s Fitness Challenge can also take part. Assistance for modifying and implementing the activities for these groups will be available through the Governor’s Fitness Challenge Web site

The Governor’s Fitness Challenge also encourages students to engage in physical activity outside of the school environment. Each month a new theme will be unveiled on the challenge Web site, featuring podcasts from popular professional, college, or Olympic athletes in an effort to encourage students to become more active. It also has fun, healthy recipes that families can prepare together.

Motivate everyone in your school and at home to join other students across Florida as they get active and learn to eat right.

Here's the best part...There are lots of ways for you to participate. Find out here.  Register your school at

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