George Williams elected President of American Association of Classified School Employees (AACSE)

George Williams, the longtime President of the Madison County Education Association has been elected President of the American Association of Classified School Employees (AACSE), which is based in Portland, Oregon.

The American Association of Classified School Employees (AACSE), a coalition of organizations with a collective membership of 260,000 school workers in 41 states is the oldest national organization that exclusively advocates for and promotes classified school employees at the national level. The AACSE is actively involved in lobbying Congress on behalf of its membership and for the students our members serve nation-wide.

The members of the AACSE serve our Nation’s students in roles such as paraprofessionals, school nurses, school secretaries, custodians, food service workers, school security personnel, bus drivers and in many other important functions within school systems. Each day our membership spends time interacting with students from the time they board the bus in the morning until the time the step off the bus in the afternoon.

Williams, is a longtime employee of The Madison County District Schools. He is a Head Custodian is at the Lee Elementary School which is located in Lee, Florida. Williams has served more than half of his twenty-seven years with the district as the president of the Madison County Education Association, where he represents teachers and education staff professionals throughout the county.

At the state level, Williams is a member of the Florida Education Association’s Executive Cabinet and has just been re-elected Director of Minority Affairs, which is a state-wide position. In addition, Williams is the current Chairman of the FEA Educational Support Professionals-Program and Policy Council and serve on various other FEA state-wide committees.

Nationally, Williams is a member of the American Federation of Teachers-Para-Professional and School Related Personnel- Program and Policy Council. In addition, Williams will start his new term as member of the National Education Association (NEA) Board of Directors in September, 2009.

Williams and wife Marie have two daughters. Francina and Natasha, and two grandchildren, Dayshon and Asia.

Besides his work in the field of public education, Williams is the longtime pastor of the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Perry, Florida.

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