Friends of Public Education and Freshmen Friends of Public Education

Every year, FEA honors lawmakers who stand up for public education. In Florida, over the past dozen or so years, that has proven to be extremely difficult and dangerous work.

Those of us who wander the halls at the Capitol have all heard tales of lawmakers who have wanted to support  public education, but were told that adhering to a position that didn’t go along with the current leadership
would cost them influence, assignments and support when it came to re-election.

Florida educators are lucky to have this fine crop of public servants who have stood up for our children and for the teachers and education staff professionals who serve them.

Representative Geraldine Thompson (District 39) represents Orange County and serves as the Democratic Leader Pro Tempore.

Representative Perry Thurston (District 93) represents Broward County.

Representative Dwight Bullard (District 118) represents Miami Dade County.

Representative Martin Kiar (District 97) represents Broward County.

Representative Franklin Sands (District 98) represents Broward County.

Representative Keith Fitzgerald (District 69) represents Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Representative Adam Fetterman (District 81) represents Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

Representative Mia Jones (District 14) represents Duval County.

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