Florida Task Force on Excellent Teaching

Governor Crist Announces Florida’s Task Force on Excellent Teaching

Work group will continue building broad stakeholder support begun by Race to the Top Working Group


Governor Charlie Crist has announced the creation of Florida’s Task Force

on Excellent Teaching, which will continue building broad stakeholder support for

strategies to promote and sustain a high quality teacher workforce. The task force will

include education stakeholders, including, but not limited to, teachers and teacher

associations, superintendents, school board members, school administrators, parents

and the business community.


“A great teacher is one of the most important factors needed to assure a

student’s success in the classroom, and every Florida student deserves a great

teacher,” Governor Crist said. “While the majority of our hard working teachers do a

tremendous job, we must continue to ensure every teacher in our state is equipped to

do the best possible job to prepare our students for the future.”


The Florida’s Task Force on Excellent Teaching will make recommendations to

the Governor by December 1, 2010, that will continue efforts of the diverse Race to the

Top Working Group that recently developed the revised Memorandum of Understanding

included in Florida’s Race to the Top Phase 2 application. With the support of 65 of

Florida’s 67 school districts, three of the state’s four lab schools and the Florida School

for the Deaf and the Blind, the state’s ongoing effort to win up to $700 million in federal

education funding was bolstered by commitments from 54 local teacher unions. If the

funds are awarded to Florida, they will be used to implement locally developed,

comprehensive education reform plans to accelerate student learning and improve the

quality of education in Florida public schools.


The task force will explore methods for enhancing student achievement and

capability to compete in the global economy, as well as teacher compensation and

performance. The responsibilities of the task force include developing strategies related

to the following:


• Teacher certification and performance evaluation

• Merit pay for quality teachers

• Measuring student learning gains, including students with disabilities

• Identifying and assisting low-performing teachers

• Teacher recruitment, retention and improvement, focusing on reviewing:

o Teacher education programs

o Professional development and teacher support

o Teacher collaboration and sharing of effective practices

o Technologies proven to increase teacher effectiveness

o Beginning teacher working conditions

o Compensation and benefits, including rewards for effective teachers

June 14, 2010

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