Florida M.O.R.E.

Be a Part of the NEA-Retired Florida M.O.R.E. (mobilize, organize, recruit, engage) Program!

The Florida M.O.R.E. Program will serve as a Pilot Project for the NEA. The plan is to organize a small but highly effective army of retired educators who will stand up for public education, educators and each other. This is a member engagement project and not a membership drive.



  • If we can successfully motivate and inspire at least 10% of our retired members in Florida to take targeted, strategic actions, we’ll make a huge difference in the big fights in public education in that state.
  • Currently, there are 3,749 NEA/FEA-Retired members in Florida. However, there are over 5,700 Florida-based NEA-Retired members who are NOT members of FEA. Through the Voter Activation Network and the NEA IMS, we have identified those members by counties and will begin to work with them to engage them in pro public education activities.  We will work with all pension states that have NEA-Retired members living in Florida to communicate with their members. In addition, we will network with other Retired groups in Florida, like the NYSUT Retiree Councils, the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and others to cooperatively work to support Public Education and protect retirement security.
  • Lastly, we hope to engage Florida Retirees, especially those who vote in Florida, to help FEA sustain the momentum gained from the 2012 Election cycle.  We plan to sign up retirees to help with the 2014 Legislative Session and Governor’s race.


We’d love to have you partner with us! To be a part of the NEA Retired Florida M.O.R.E. Program, complete the M.O.R.E. survey at www.nea.org/retired or contact: Marilyn Warner at 1Marilyn@tampabay.rr.com or Todd Crenshaw at: TCrenshaw@nea.org

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