Florida ESP Tells Congress to Support the Fair Minimum Wage Act

FEA member Edith Kimball is a proud member of the Madison County Education Association. She's a food services professional at Lee Elementary School in Lee, Florida. Her president President and NEA Director, George Williams, accompanied Edith to Washington DC.

Educators testify before Senate and call for raise in minimum wage to help students and families


NEA members Edith Kimball and Courtney Johnson testified to the economic struggles of working families, the hardships facing their students, and the need for Congress to raise the federal minimum wage at an extraordinary Senate Budget Committee hearing on Tuesday. Together, Edith and Courtney gave Senators a clear picture of how federal policy truly impacts students and families. Read about your fellow educators’ day on the Hill and see videos of them delivering their message here.

“For me, in my job, [raising the minimum wage] would mean an increase of $200 more a month for my family. That would help give us a just a little more in our budget. It could help me open a college savings plan for my children for their future,” said Kimball, an elementary school food services professional in Lee, Florida. Read her full testimony here (MS Word, 29 KB, 2 pgs.).

“I don’t know all of the specific policies that have contributed to the decline of the middle class, but I know that when folks don’t have good jobs, everything else in our society unravels,” said Johnson, a high school English teacher in Columbus, Ohio. “Where are we as a country when we do not value and respect the dignity of work?” Read her full testimony here ( MS Word, 33 KB, 2 pgs.). Watch Edith on NEA Today.

The NEA-supported Minimum Wage Fairness Act of 2013 (S. 1737/H.R. 1010) would raise the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour – the equivalent of an annual salary of $15,080 for a full-time worker – to $10.10 an hour in three steps. Share your story: How would raising the minimum wage help your students and community?

TAKE ACTION TODAY! – Join Edith and Courtney and tell Congress to raise the federal minimum wage.



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