2017 FEA-Retired Annual Meeting

FEA-Retired Annual Meeting



The FEA-Retired Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 26, at the Rosen Centre, Orlando. You are invited to join your retired friends for a Dutch treat lunch at the Café Gauguin located at the Rosen Centre at 11:30. 


There will be a short Executive Board Meeting beginning at 1:00. Following that, we will begin our Annual Meeting where we will:

  • Elect an FEA-Retired Secretary for the next two years
  • Elect District Directors from odd-numbered districts for the next two years
  • Present awards to FEA-Retired locals for membership, newsletter and volunteer hours



The following are proposed bylaw changes presented by the FEA-Retired Executive Board:


Article IV, FEA-Retired Executive Board C, be amended to read:

  1. The Executive Board shall, every third year, present for approval to the FEA Governance Board a plan which establishes director’s districts.
  2. Districts shall, as nearly as possible, guarantee the one-person/one vote concept.
  3. The Executive Board shall allocate district’s seats based on one-tenth of the FEA-Retired members per district based on membership as n January 15 of that year.
  4. Each of the districts must be contiguous, (Add: except for one statewide district for UFF Retired members.
  5. Directors shall run and be seated by the delegates within the district in which they reside.
  6. Directors from even-numbered districts shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in even years.  Directors from odd-numbered districts shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in odd years.

Article V – FEA-Retired Officers, G Directors

  1. Add: In the case of too many missed meetings, the FEA-R President should send a letter to the board member stating that the member has missed too many meetings, and that the member would be replaced. However, the Executive Board member can appeal in writing and the appeal will be heard at the next Executive Board meeting.

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