FEA Director Named to Directors of National Education Group

Danielle Montes, the director of FEA’s Department of Professional Development, has been named to the Board of Directors of the National Council on Educating Black Children.

 The group was founded by the late Congressman Augustus F. Hawkins, then chairman of the Education and Labor Committee, in 1986. Concerned about the low performance of African-American students, he called together a group of African-American educators and leaders of organizations interested in the welfare of African-American children and charged them with the responsibility of developing a plan and procedure for improving the quality of education for African-American youth. This plan is called the National Council on Educating Black Children’s National Blueprint for Action.

The National Council on Educating Black Children, headquartered in Indianapolis, has based its Blueprint for Action on the research pioneered by the late Ron Edmonds. This blueprint embraces Edmonds’ concept that "all children can learn," and provides a framework for collaborative community partnerships with public school districts to solve problems and accelerate achievement for all children, black children in particular.

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