Let Your Voice Be Heard-ESP Membership Video

Membership Development is key to union success.....

 ESP 2013 Membership Video

FEA education staff professionals (ESP) members share why they are proud union members, and how their union has helped them advance professionally and personally.  ESPs talk about the importance of their local union, state and national member services such as legal, professional development and the savings they receive when taking advantage of their member benefits. These videos can be used by local leaders, building reps and shared among colleagues. Click the link to view each of the videos.

Video Description:
Video #1 is short upbeat video with short clips from ESP members. It runs about 1:51 in length and is perfect to show during a 10 minute meeting or to share with a potential member during an impromptu meeting

Video # 2 and # 3 are both longer and more in-depth videos. They run approximately 5 minutes in length. They contain additional testimonials from local ESP members who explain the value of union membership, how their union has helped them and why it is important for all ESPs working in a public school to become a union member. 

•    Video # 2 focuses on all ESP members bus drivers, food services, paraprofessionals, clerical, custodial, guidance, ESE assistants, maintenance, etc.

•    Video # 3 focuses on paraprofessionals, aides, ESE assistants, clerical, secretarial and office staff, guidance, etc.

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