Effective Teachers and Performance Pay

TeacherSolutions – for effective performance pay systems


Since August 2010, the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ) has partnered with 17 of Florida’s most accomplished teacher leaders to generate a set of research-driven and classroom-based solutions – that is, TeacherSolutions – for effective performance pay systems. Over the past six months, the teacher cadre participated in face-to-face meetings, virtual webinars and online discussions. They also studied the research, examined local and state policy, and debated with the experts – with an eye toward incorporating student learning, teacher learning, teacher leadership, and market incentives into a comprehensive teacher compensation model for the state of Florida.



In their multimedia report, Effective Teachers and Performance Pay, the teacher team explains why “now more than ever, teachers who learn more, do more, share their expertise more, and help students learn more, should be paid more.” Their TeacherSolutions present new “third-way” thinking about these critical issues, which move past the typical “either/or” debates of defending the status quo versus "reforming" education. Megan Allen, teacher co-author and 2010 Florida Teacher of the Year encourages everyone to: “Read our work, listen to our voices, and let’s together find a performance pay system that works for our students.”


If SB 736 is enacted as proposed, thousands of effective Florida teachers will be falsely branded, resulting in unfair decisions about pay and employment, potential lawsuits, and worst of all, lost educational opportunity for tens of thousands of the state’s schoolchildren..


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Access the full report: http://www.teachingquality.org/node/1202.

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