Educators Employment Liability Program (EEL)

The NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program is an insurance program that protects FEA members from personal financial liability for incidents arising out of their employment.

Individuals are automatically covered by the EEL Program as a benefit of membership in the association. The program provides insurance coverage for situations that result in damages to someone other than the member.


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What is the NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program?

The NEA EEL Program is a professional liability insurance program that is provided by NEA as a benefit of membership and is underwritten by Nautilus Insurance Company.


What does the EEL Program cover, subject to the insurance policy?

A. Educators Liability Benefits Educators Liability benefits in defense of civil proceedings brought against you in the course of your work as an educator:

  • Payment of court-ordered civil liability up to $1,000,000*, such as damages assessed against you.
  • Payment of legal costs up to $3,000,000* per member per occurrence or, regardless of the number of members involved in the occurrence, up to $9,000,000* per occurrence  aggregate for all claims in defense of civil proceedings. These limits do not apply to or include any civil rights issues or civil rights claims.
  • In civil proceedings on civil rights issues or claims**, payment is limited up to $300,000 for legal costs, civil liability, settlements or judgments, and other supplementary payments.
  • Payment is limited up to $5,000 for legal costs in defense against a mold-related claim.

B. Attorney Fees for the Defense of Criminal Proceedings**:
Reimbursement for attorney fees and other legal costs up to $35,000 is available if you are charged with violating a criminal statute in the course of your employment as an educator and you are exonerated from the charges.

C. Bail Bond:
Reimbursement up to $1,000 of bail bond premiums if you must post a bond as the result of an occurrence arising out of your employment as an educator. (The insurance company is not obligated to furnish the bond.)

D. Assault-Related Personal Property Benefit:
Payment up to $500 for damage to your personal property when caused by an assault upon you in the course of your employment


Why do members need liability coverage?

In your work as an educator you are frequently exposed to situations that may give rise to legal actions which can involve your personal liability. If a student or a student’s parents file suit against you, the EEL policy will provide you with insurance protection for the vast majority of cases. The program also reimburses you for damage to your personal property in assault-related incidents.


How do I obtain coverage?

If you are an NEA active, educational support, life, student, substitute or retired member who is employed by an educational unit, you are automatically covered by the EEL policy 


Who pays the cost of the EEL Program?

Basic monetary costs as insurance premiums are paid by the NEA*.



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