Educational Support Professionals Day

November 20th is ESP Day during American Education Week. It is the day we recognize the school employees who keep our schools running, ESPs....

Few people consider the important role ESPs play in making sure our schools and students are successful. Without ESPs, students wouldn’t receive extra help and attention, the school bell wouldn’t ring, the buses wouldn’t run, the budgets wouldn’t get finalized, the phones wouldn’t get answered, nutritious meals wouldn’t be cooked or served and classrooms wouldn’t be safe and clean. Without ESPs, it would be very difficult for teachers and administrators to perform their jobs.

ESP DAY During American Education Week

ESPs are the vital link between public schools and the community. ESP’s are dedicated to public education and extremely loyal to their school systems. More often than not they work in communities where they live. Because of this most school employees, students and parents know and trust them.        
  Carolyn (on the left) enjoying her friends                            
Meet Carolyn Coffey, a school bus driver in St, Johns County. Her colleagues say Carolyn is a devoted, professional and persistent ESP President with the passion to rally for all ESP's in our county. She deals with several schools/personnel situations with fairness. She is a strong woman who she preservers through tough times and situations, yet still performs her job with pride and dignity. Carolyn Coffey deserves to be recognized for her leadership.




















If you work with a colleague who performing great work in your school and community. Share their story with us. Please send a picture.
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