e-mail tips

E-mail can be a quick and easy way to communicate with colleagues, parents, and students, but it must be done in a professional manner.

  • Know your district's employee computer use policy
  • Be aware that the District's IT department has the ability to monitor not only your email, but also the internet websites that you visit.
  • Your district also has the ability to block you from seeing and receiving certain e-mails and websites. Many school districts block YouTube.com on their computer networks.
  • Monitor your emails with parents and students. If the communication is too frequent or the nature of the conversation becomes too personal, the communication might suggest that an inappropriate relationship is forming.
  • Avoid irony, sarcacism and humor. It is easy to misread a person's intent or tone in an electronic transmission.
  • Make sure to review your e-mail and edit before hitting the send button. Always double check the recipients. You don't want to send the wrong e-mail to the wrong person.
  • Never send e-mails that discuss a student's record or grades.
  • Once an e-mail is sent it can not be retracted. Deleting it will not permanently remove it from the district's computer system.
  • Remember to always log off your account when you are not at your computer. You can be held responsible for messages that originate from your e-mail account.
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