Devastation in Texas

Floridians are no strangers to the catastrophic effects of hurricanes. The devastation Harvey has brought to Texas families is staggering. Recovery will take months, perhaps years. During that time hundreds of thousands of Texas students will be displaced from their schools and homes – some may not have homes to go back to. We can only imagine the stress and desperation that students, teachers, school employees and their families are facing.

Times like these remind us how much we depend upon each other. As you well know, educators are by nature resourceful and generous. So it is no surprise that our members are asking how they can help Houston.  Here are some agencies which are offering help to Texas families:


Help with Rescue efforts:

Helping Educators

  • Texas AFT has a long history of assisting members in need. Donations to their relief fund will be used only for disaster relief and no other purpose. You can visit their web page for more information.
  • NEA has created a relief fund with the NEA Foundation. They are accepting contributions to support public school educators who are NEA/TSTA members affected by Hurricane Harvey, personally, and at the schools where they work. Click here to donate.

Provide shelter and supplies

Make a donation

Give blood

Several hospitals are reporting blood shortages and seeking donations in the wake of the storm. O negative and O positive donations are particularly helpful, but people of all blood types are encouraged to donate.

  • You can donate blood through the Red Cross.

Volunteer your time

Experts expect it’ll take some time before the floodwaters drain in Houston. In the meantime, several groups are seeking volunteers to help with recovery efforts. 

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