Delegate Assembly Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities

Become a FEA Delegate Assembly sponsor/exhibitor and support Florida’s teachers and education staff professionals!

The FEA Delegate Assembly (DA) is the largest representative statewide convention of Florida teachers and education staff professionals (ESPs). Over two days, the FEA DA attracts over 1,000 of the FEA’s elected union leaders from all constituencies to discuss, debate and adopt policy positions for the union to help us all learn and grow in our  profession.

Why Become a DA Sponsor or Exhibitor?

It is an exceptional opportunity for your company or firm to showcase its consumer and educational products, services and programs to over 1,000 of our state’s most influential  educators. By becoming a sponsor, your company or firm will gain maximum exposure to these leaders of American education.


FEA members have the need, power and budgets to purchase your products and services. As a sponsor, your company has the opportunity to:

  • Support and cultivate a relationship with the FEA and over one hundred local unions;
  • Educate members about your services and elevate brand-awareness among influencers;
  • Develop solid sales leads with people who buy; and
  • Cultivate new business by demonstrating your latest products


No other convention gives you one-on-one access to over 1,000 FEA delegates representing the more than 140,000 FEA members statewide. Promote your product/service awareness and increase your visibility and sales!


The Education Market: A Multi-Million Dollar Industry in Florida

The public school educators and education staff professionals who make up the more than 140,000 members of FEA are well-informed, influential and highly respected community leaders who collectively spend millions of dollars per year in personally directed purchases.

■ Average member age is 46.
■ Women comprise 77% of the group, and more than 80% have children.
■ Average household income is $75,000 and 84% are homeowners.
■ More than 88% reported spending personal funds to buy school supplies and accessories.







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