Connected Educator Month

Here's a great tip for first to third year teachers

Start the first few months of the school year feeling connected to your colleagues and the profession by spending the month of August engaged in Connected Educator Month (CEM).  It's a month-long exploration and celebration of online communities and networks dedicated to broadening and deepening educator participation in learning and sharing. August 2012 is Connected Educator Month

The ultimate goal is to bring the online community and education leaders together to move towards a more fully connected and collaborative profession.

A variety of resources designed to help educators who are not yet engaged in online communities or networks get connected, including:


  • A starter kit for educators who aspire to build their connections to other inspired classroom leaders, using a 31-day approach (one step per day to get more connected)
  • A starter kit for districts to integrate Connected Educator Month and connected education in their back-to-school professional development
  • A book club (featured book: The Connected Educator, with author Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach participating)
  • Cross-community guided tours showing how online communities can address key educator needs
  • Community open houses, allowing educators to explore specific online communities and ask questions of community leaders and members live as they explore.
  • A culminating two-day event designed to synthesize and distill learnings from the month, and generate takeaways and next steps for the field. All events and activities from the month will be archived, many will continue to be available (and continue to grow) after August, and a distilled multimedia proceedings will be generated for distribution.

Start with the forum kick-off event: The First Six Weeks.
You can access the recording here:


Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators

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