Common Core Help for Parents

Parent engagement is critical to student success, especially with the new Common Core State Standards. But parents must understand the standards in order to help their child succeed in school....

Florida teachers have been slowly integrating Common Core into their lesson plans. Parents who understand Common Core are better able to help their child learn...

Common Core Facts:

  • This is not a federal mandate or curriculum. These are state standards which means each state could choose whether or not to adopt them. Teachers actually have a little more flexibility in their teaching.


  • Common Core isn’t going to take away local control. The standards aren’t a curriculum which means that states and local districts still get to decide how they’ll meet the standards.


  • You will feel some shifts… and that’s a good thing!  Finally, an opportunity to return critical thinking and reasoning to the teaching and learning process. Parents will begin to notice their child working through more complex problems, and you’ll enjoy watching them read both fiction and non-fiction.

Here are a few tips from Scholastic to help parents support their child:

1. Talk about books, especially the great ones.
2. Ask your children questions about what they’re reading.
3. Push your kids to read nonfiction.
4. Encourage your kids to write, write, write.
5. Talk math with your kids.





  • Common Core resources for parents and the community. The information is presented by Student Achievement Partners, founded by members of the same team that played a leading role in the development of the new Common Core State Standards.



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