Closing the Achievement Gaps in Lee County

The Case of the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools (FL): High-Quality Instruction for All Lee County Students

Constituency building represents more than involvement of community stakeholders in providing financial support—or in other ways—the existing efforts of the district or union. Constituency building expands the “system” beyond the district office and the schools that it manages and the educators and students that populate the schools. It recognizes that schools are an integral part of the communities in which they sit, and that their success both supports improvement of and is shaped by the greater economic and social context.

In both Lee County, FL and Springfield, MA, the union and district are working together with the community in an effort to Close the Achievement Gaps among students. Download "Unions, Districts and Communities to the Table in the NEA Foundation Closing the Achievement Gaps" to learn about innovations designed to increase teaching effectiveness and student achievement.

See what can happen when we work together, partnering with education unions, districts administrators, and communities to create powerful, sustainable improvements in teaching and learning.

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