BTU Merger: It's Official

FEA Congratulates BTU President Pat Santeramo and new BTU Vice President for Education

Support Professionals Ernestine Alleyne for their hard work in shaping the merger between the Broward

Teachers Union and former Broward ParaProfessionals Association. The newly merged organization recently

held an end of the year awards ceremony in which Building stewards who excelled in organizing and mobilizing

their membership at their respective schools were also recognized and eight $500 college scholarships were

given to children of BCPA members.

Education support professionals celebrated alongside teachers in this historic BTU award and scholarship

ceremony, and students of ESP and teacher members were given $1,000 college scholarships, thanks to the

merged BTU executive board.

ESP stewards who excelled in organizing and mobilizing at their respective schools were given gold, silver and

bronze awards, which represent 100, 75 and 50 percent membership at their respective schools. “We are

honored to be able to recognize these outstanding stewards,” said BTU-ESP vice president and former BCPA

president, Ernestine Alleyne. “It is because of them that we are able to grow as an organization. Their hard

work has been instrumental in the union’s efforts to promote its goals, and we are grateful.”

Monetary and door prize donations were made by Creative Benefits and Partners, community organizations

and the public. Membership service specialists Martha Jarret and Carmel Jean Francois were instrumental in

organizing this historic celebratory event.
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