2017 Back-to-School materials ordering

Please use the form below to order your local's 2017 Back-to-School materials. If you have any questions please contact Mark Piotrowski in FEA Communications at 850-201-2834 or mark.piotrowski@floridaea.org.

Watch the June 26 ordering webinar [46 minute video]


Archived webinar

Back-to-School toolkit PDF order form [PDF, 330 K; Suggest downloading this to your computer to fill out]

2017 FEA Member Guidebook [PDF, 1.9 MB; to review]

Pre-set margins/template for FEA Member Guidebook local content pages:
[.DOCX Word document; 22K] or [.DOC Word document; 22K]

1. Shipping Information
Union local name *
Contact person *
Contact email address *
Date your Back to School meetings start *
Date you would like your materials *
Shipping address
Shipping (line 2)
Authorized by
2. Why Join Handouts
Local unions have the option to have their MEMBERSHIP FORM printed on the back of the WHY JOIN ("Strength in Numbers") flier. To preserve the formatting on your membership form please upload a PDF of the form.
Both Word and Publisher allow you save files as a PDF (go to File/Save As...).
Please note: These membership form PDFs will be printed in grayscale to save on printing costs.
Do you want your local's membership form printed on the back of the "Why Join" handout? *
# of "Why Join" handouts (education staff professionals)
# of "Why Join" handouts (teachers)
# of Spanish "Why Join" handouts (education staff professionals)
# of Spanish "Why Join" handouts (teachers)
Upload membership form (PDF)
3. FEA Member Guidebooks
This 24-page booklet compiles and expands the content previously contained in the Back to School folders.
Locals can customize the front and back covers with their union's name and contact information.
Locals can customize the inside front and inside back covers with any content they would like. These pages should be submitted as separate PDFs.
** Important: When creating these pages please use the following margins on an regular 8.5 x 11 page: Left/Right margins = *at least* 0.75; Top/Bottom margins = *at least* 0.5625 (These margins are set in the linked Word document/template above)
** Please note: The maximum number of guidebooks locals may order is their current membership (April/May 2016 Membership365 report)+ 2%
# of FEA Member Guidebooks
Local union info for front/back cover of FEA Member Guidebook
Union name
other social media
additional contact info
Inside front cover (PDF)
Inside back cover (PDF)
4. Additional Materials
Number of "Know Your Right to Representation" cards
Number of Spanish "Know Your Right to Representation" cards
Union name (for customized KYR card)
Phone number (for customized KYR card)
Locals are encouraged to order enough KYR cards to give out to all current members.
FEA Vision-Mission-Values-Goals cards*
FEA Bulletin Board kits
* While supplies last. These materials have limited quantities.
Any additional notes or ordering info

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