Broward Teachers Try to Stop Charter Takeover

Teachers say they're willing to forgo their current contract if the city votes against the privatization plan.....

Members of the Broward Teachers Union are trying to keep the City of Pembroke Pines from privatizing The Pembroke Pines Charter Schools. Pembroke Pines charter has been rated an "A" school, but recently has been struggling financially. The city is asking the school's 375 teachers to make up the shortfall with a massive paycut. The proposed cut would leave Pembroke Pines teachers earning farv less than teachers working in the Broward School District.

The Broward Teachers Union released this document in advance of today's meeting -  Download PDF

Save Pembroke Pines from PrivatizationThe Pembroke Pines Charter Schools, their teachers and their students are a top priority for the Broward Teachers Union and its members. That’s why the city’s plan to hand over management of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools to a private charter corporation, Charters Schools USA, is so troubling.

With no input from parents or teachers, and very little notice to the community, the Pembroke Pines City Commission will unilaterally decide at 3:30 p.m. today, June 19, whether to partner Pembroke Pines’ nonprofit charter schools with Charter Schools USA.

Why the rush? Could it be the City Commission doesn’t want the public to know Charter Schools USA’s real record? How can Charter Schools USA promise to manage Pembroke Pines Charter Schools more cheaply and still make a profit without sacrificing quality?

Handing over our schools to private corporations without a real conversation with parents, teachers and the community is just wrong.

Pembroke Pines’ charter schools outperform schools run by Charter Schools USA in Broward by 17 points in reading and 14 points in math.

Pembroke Pines residents should consider the experience of Palm Bay. After that city issued $21 million in bonds to pay for the construction of Charter Schools USA-managed schools, Charter Schools USA was unable to attract enough students to repay the bond debts. Charter Schools USA was eventually forced out in Palm Bay, and the bonds are currently in default.
Broward’s children deserve better.

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