Avoid Burnout Before It Happens

All teachers experience mid-year burnout. How you handle it will make the difference in successfully getting through the school year....

There's nothing like the excitement students and teachers feel when school starts. But sustaining the level of enthusiasm throughout the school term is a bit difficult. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you find that you are prone to negative thinking about your job?
  2. Are you easily irritated by small problems, your students or by your co-workers?
  3. Is there a person on the job who you can talk with to get help?

teacher buried in homework assignments


It must be that time of year, when burnout starts to creep in and impact our daily routines at school. Teacher burnout is insidious because it can take a very serious toll on some of the best educators in your school. There are many factors that contribute to burnout. Some are outside of our control, but many others are within our ability to limit any negative impact.

FEA member, Megan Allen who is also a Hillsborough teacher, former Florida Teacher of the Year and the 2012-13 "teacherpreneur" with the Center for Teaching Quality has a few suggestions to help you hurdle the burnout hump. Read more and try her suggestions.



  • Set a work curfew;
  • Set goals that don't involve work;
  • Don't hesitate to say "no";  
  • Eliminate that which is not a priority;
  • Pace yourself;
  • Embrace those around you;
  • Get creative to make the task feel less like work;
  • 5 minute breaks are great for recharging your mind;
  • Rethink your to-do list;
  • Make your first task the easiest of all on the list;
  • Find balance.


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