Attorney Referral Program (ARP)

The Attorney Referral Program (ARP) assists Florida Education Association (FEA) members in obtaining personal legal services at a reduced cost.

The ARP is administered through a network of law firms through the state that have been recommended for the most part by local associations. The participating firms agree to provide certain legal services to FEA members at rates below their usual fees. Members are permitted to select an ARP attorney in the program.

Members are entitled to up to two free consultations with an ARP attorney up to 30 minutes each program year. If a member decides to retain a program attorney for personal legal services beyond the initial consultation, the member is entitled to a 30% discount for legal work done in five "core areas".

Real Estate
- Purchase or sale of property for residential purposes, disputes with landlords, property line disputes, problems with zoning laws or land use regulations.

Wills and Estates - Preparation of wills, assistance with estate planning, representation of a member who is named executor or administrator of an estate, guardianship proceedings.

Domestic Relations - Representation in proceedings for annulment, divorce, separation, alimony, custody, child support, adoption, paternity and name change.

Consumer Protection - Disputes with creditors or finance agencies, disputes with retailers concerning defective merchandise.

Traffic Violations - Defense of charges of operating under the influence, reckless driving, or other offenses involving potential loss of license, financial liability excess of $50, or jail sentence.

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