Are You Ready For Common Core? Most Say No!

Almost half of the teachers surveyed indicated they weren't ready to teach the standards, especially to students who are poor or have special needs....


   Commom Core is Almost Here! Are you ready?    


Teachers in Common Core adopting states were asked to rate their preparedness on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being "very prepared" and 1 "not at all prepared." When asked how prepared they were to teach the common core to their own students as a whole, 49 percent rated themselves a 1, 2, or 3.

Findings from a study by the EPE Research Center, an arm of Editorial Projects in Education, the publisher of Education Week.

More than two-thirds said they were not well enough prepared to teach the standards to English-language learners or students with disabilities. More than half said they were not yet ready to teach them to low-income students or those considered at risk of academic failure.

While teachers' sense of readiness to teach the common core tracks with how much professional development they've had, the survey shows nearly three in 10 have not had any such training at all. Of the 70 percent who have, 41 percent have had four days or more. Three in 10 have had only one day or less. Thirty-one percent reported having had two to three days of professional development.

This research explains pronounced worry that teachers, students, districts, and states are far from ready to make the common core a success in the classroom, a little more than two years from when the first tests on the standards are scheduled to be given.


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Yet-another recently released survey found teachers feeling confident about their readiness to teach the new standards. More than 60 percent of those teachers reported they're already using the common core "a great deal" in their teaching.

Getting Ready for the Common Core






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